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Monday 13 June 2022

You Are Being Manipulated

One thing many westerners are not cognizant of is how much they are manipulated by media. This happens to all of us to one degree or another, because none of us are above human frailties, but some people, many people, are just not aware how ubiquitous this is in our society. 

In little ways this is done to us all the time. But when it's time for a major narrative shift the manipulation comes in strong, consistent and, for many, overwhelmingly.

So how so you recognize when this is happening? When your emotions are being manipulated. Aristotle tells us: 

"This aptness of language is one thing that makes people believe in the truth of your story. Their minds draw the false conclusion that you are to be trusted fron the fact that others behave as you do when things are as you describe them. Therefore they take your story to be true, whether it is or not. Besides an emotional speaker always makes his audience feel with him, even when there is nothing in his arguments; which is why many speakers try overwhelming their audience by mere noise."

Aristotle, Rhetoric. 

Note, whenever you are watching the news or media and you feel your emotions being stoked up, know that you are being manipulated. It might be just to keep you watching, to direct your mind, influence you, etc. But emotive speech is often used to manipulate, and our media elites are masters at this. They have lots of practice, and most people are not very discerning about this, making them sitting ducks. 

I remember a friend of mine saying a few months back: Mate, you have to understand these news reports are causing me to become overcome with compassion and anger. Exactly! That's how you know you are being manipulated, no one thinks clearly when their emotions are over ruling them. REMEMBER THIS!!!

As another friend said, have a beer, take a walk, calm down and think about what was presented to you. You'll find yourself less open to manipulation when you analyse how you are being manipulated. 

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