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Friday 3 June 2022

Home-school Or Lose, Guaranteed

For most of western Christian history, the majority of children's education was done in the home by mothers, or in the homes of the wealthy by hired educators (governesses usually, but sometimes male educators to) or by the local church parish. This combination helped perpetuate an ever expanding Christian culture, that didn't just flourish in Europe, but spread to every continent. Out of this flourished the universities, the sciences, and the advancement of technology beyond any other culture in history before. A marvelous achievement.  

But about a century or so ago, most of the West decided to hand the majority of its education over to the state. Low and behold we have an incredible coincidence of declining Christianity, and increasing desire for the state to provide everything, and I really mean everything because that it what it is becoming. Because it literally has taken the place for many that was once held sacred by parents: that of provider and educator.  

I know some of you will say, "But I went to public school and I turned out Christian." Sure, but you are part of an ever decreasing number of people who do, an almost exponential decline in each generation. And many of you in this category are socialist liberals who deny many traditional biblical teachings. 

Correlation does not always equal causation, but strong correlation, in every single western country (in France they actually did this over two centuries ago) points to a strong relationship of causation. In fact correlation is precisely what researchers look for to find causation. But it is really just common sense, the one who has your child's ear the longest, is very likely to win. 

Why make it so that you have to deprogram your child again and again from the influence of their peers and socialist teachers? 

Why not just do it how the more successful generations of Christians did it? Why is this even controversial?

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