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Wednesday 15 June 2022

God Have Mercy

The whole argument for the justification of lockdowns and social torture of Australian citizens has just fallen flat on its face. 

Lockdowns, social distancing, shutting borders, and all the other covid measures didn't save lives, they just delayed the inevitable, and made the situation worse. 

A 20.5% increase in deaths is a third world result for our covid measures, at great cost to people's health, mental health, businesses, and the economy in general. And the economy is not jusy about money it is about parents keeping their family out of poverty, which itself is a major killer. We threw everything at Covid just to delay it for a bit over a year. 

From the ABS website:

"Key statistics
In 2022, there were 29,685 deaths that occurred by 28 February and were registered by 30 April, which is 5,052 (20.5%) more than the historical average.

In February there were 13,692 deaths, 1,999 (17.1%) above the historical average. 
COVID-19 was the fourth most common cause of death certified by a doctor in February following cancer, dementia and ischaemic heart diseases. 

There was statistically significant excess mortality recorded in the first two months of 2022 (see article)."

More people are dying than usually do, and many of us warned this would happen. First world countries are not supposed to have increasing death rates after giving out medication to everyone for the prevailing illness. Yet we have just that. 

Can you see it: Something is desperately wrong and our leaders are claiming this as a vindication of their policies.

God have mercy. 

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