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Thursday 2 June 2022

The Pastors Have Gone Astray

The Church is in really bad shape today. This is clear to more and more people. The chaos of the last two and a half years showed that the Church leaders are more loyal to the State than to God's word. This has been made very clear. 

All sorts of evils have over taken the Church, because the leaders have gone corrupt: 

"A recent worldview study was released from The Barna Group detailing what many have been saying for years: there is a fundamental issue in the church and it stems from the pulpits. The results of this report are particularly damning, as they indicate only 41% of lead pastors, 28% of associate pastors, 13% of teaching pastors, 12% of youth pastors, and 4% of executive pastors actually hold to a comprehensive worldview. Taken on the whole, just under 2/3 of pastors embrace a form of syncretism, which is the blending of various belief systems together as one. In other words, purported ministers of the Christian faith don’t actually hold to the Christian faith, but an eclectic grab-bag of ideological, philosophical, and theological ideas that are fundamentally at odds with one another. The impact this has upon the congregants cannot be overstated.

"When one considers past reports, such as The State of Theology from Ligonier Ministries, it is little wonder why so many Christians are embracing heresy condemned by the forebearers of our faith. It is little wonder why so many lead lives opposed to the faith they profess when those in leadership model a life of unbridled hedonism, a rejection of the Word of God, and an embrace of various competing worldviews and philosophies that run counter to the Christian faith. Many have no concept of how the Word of God applies to every aspect of life because they have never been taught how it applies to all of life...

...The litmus test of the faithful minister of God is his integrity, yet we have all but abandoned the very inspired Words of our Lord when it comes to the qualifications listed for such men. Many find themselves in the crosshairs of the apostle Paul, who he condemns in Romans 2, for though they teach that others should not steal, they steal. Though they teach that none should commit adultery, they commit adultery. And though they proclaim that all men should flee from idols, they rob temples, raise up the high places once more, and neglect to teach themselves of that which they shout from the pulpits. The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of them.

Numerous denominational institutions, conventions, seminaries, and churches alike are facing a reckoning for their failure to proclaim the oracles of God and safeguard Christ’s sheep from savage wolves seeking to devour. While some stand strong against the tide of liberalism, wokeism, feminism, and what can only be stated as a twisted form of self-defeating sadism in an amalgamation of worldviews, many more have failed, in every aspect, to actually feed and protect the people Christ bled and died for. Rather than stand guard at the gate to discern the wolves from the sheep, these shepherds are asleep at their posts. Some have even taken their place amongst the hidden reefs in our love feasts—eagerly looking to make a shipwreck of the faith of many. Sordid gain, filthy lucre, sexual abuse and anarchy, debauched and drunken on what little semblance of power they wield, these white-washed tombs have taken every means captive to revel in their licentiousness and pummel the flock." 

The whole article is powerful and worth reading. The Shepherds have gone astray and the Church is being disgraced as a result. 

Edit: This blog piece is pointing to something I have been writing about for years. That the preachers and congregations have bought into Satanic ideas, and sanctified them. If your pastor or church believes in Darwinisn, Marxism, Socialism, Feminism, Equality or Egalitarianism, or any similar philosophy it is teaching Satanic teachings and like ancient Israel lifted up the Baals and Asherah's as equal to God. There's no way you can do this without wrecking the Church's message in society. This is what has happened. 

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