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Saturday 18 June 2022

Bring Juilian Home

An Australian man has been treated as a political prisoner for too long. He has been abandoned by our country, left to rot in an embassay and now in jail, without being prosecuted for a crime, yet. 

"After more than a decade spent trying to avoid extradition from the UK, Julian Assange is running out of time and options.

But with the election of a new government in his native Australia last month, his supporters hope he has a new, powerful ally.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has previously spoken against Mr Assange's incarceration, and the activist's family are counting on him to put pressure on the UK as the deadline for a critical deportation decision looms.

The Wikileaks founder is wanted in the US over classified documents leaked in 2010 and 2011, which it says broke the law and endangered lives..."

"...Mr Albanese - a signatory to the Bring Julian Assange Home Campaign petition - last year said the 50-year-old should be freed.

"Enough is enough," he said at a party room meeting.

"I don't have sympathy for many of his actions but essentially I can't see what is served by keeping him incarcerated."

...But since taking office Mr Albanese has been coy on what action his government will take on the matter.

When asked about Mr Assange at a press conference last week, he said "not all foreign affairs is best done with the loud hailer".

The comment has buoyed Mr Assange's family, with Mr Shipton saying it represents a huge shift from the position of previous governments."

Assange is being persecuted for revealing secrets about how the US was acting in war, that was shocking to many people. He was doing what journalists are supposed to do. Note 'journalist' is not really just a profession, it is more than that. It is a high calling to keep governments to account, and we need people like this. 

Here is Assange's brother advocating for him. 

It's not right that our government hasn't brought home one of its own. It's time to bring Julian home. 

Update: A please from Julian's mother

"I implore all sides to take a step back from the heat of the fight for a moment and reflect.

I ask all sides to consider a diplomatic solution.

Negotiating an end to conflict is a normal part of civilized existence, within a marriage, the boardroom, long running legal cases and disputes between nation states.

In the spirit of bringing this to an end both sides will need to give a little.

Julian has been detained long enough to satisfy any needs for revenge from those pursuing prosecution."

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