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Wednesday 8 June 2022

A Good Man In Sport

There is so much nonsense in our world today, with so many wicked agendas being pushed in sport and entertainment, that it is remarkable when you see something that points the other way, to better values, to something good. 

Like Nathan Brown, the New Zealand Warriors Head Coah explaining why his family is more important than his career:

"Brown revealed, on NRL 360, his family had a huge bearing on his decision to walk away from the club. He reiterated that their desire to remain in Australia is ultimately what made him inform the Warriors he wouldn’t be able to relocate to New Zealand. 

“Today was sort of what I expected,” Brown said when quizzed on how the situation had unfolded.

“I had a talk with my family maybe five or six weeks ago… my wife informed me that my two eldest daughters weren’t prepared to move to New Zealand, and my youngest daughter said she wanted to live with her sisters.

“So basically, I said to them that’s pretty much the end of my coaching career.

“We’re a family that has done everything together. We moved to England, to Newcastle… relationships become a bit of a statistic as work becomes more important, but I’m not prepared to do that,” he said."

Brown gave up a high paying job to prioritize his family. So many fathers and mothers today put career ahead of family. And so much of our society is broken as a result. A man must provide for his family, but he also has to be willing to give up something to put his family before money and career. It's just refreshing to hear this proclaimed in public in the media.

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