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Tuesday 14 June 2022

The West Is Losing

*Image from Jimmy Dore show  

Backing Ukraine is backfiring on the West massively. Sanctions against Russia are making Russia richer and the US and its allies (including us) poorer. Russians are getting cheap fuel, energy and food prices, whereas we pay more. More countries are actively supporting Russia, including China, and they are trading with each other more, cutting of Western markets as well. 

The West got arrogant, believed it could do things other countries aren't allowed to do, and it has overstretched. To put it in simple words: the West threw a finishing haymaker punch, and Russia ducked, swerved and landed a left, right, left, and upper cut. Jimmy puts it a bit differently in the video. 

Hopefully our new government recognises this and backs away from supporting US war efforts, before we provoke an even worse response.

Check our Jimmy's take:

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