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Thursday 2 June 2022

Pray For Those Challenging Mandates


There is a monumental case going on right now in QLD, between police officers and ambulance worker and those who mandated that they needed vaccines to do their job

"Queensland's police commissioner and lawyers have had an at-times heated exchange in a Brisbane court challenge against vaccine mandates.

The two-and-fro with Commissioner Katarina Carroll went for more than 90 minutes on Wednesday afternoon and she may have to return on Friday.

Questions centred on how COVID-19 affected QPS's ability to function prior to the mandate, and Ms Carroll's statement of reasons for the direction.

The commissioner defended the service's vaccine exemption process amid suggestions it favoured genuine religious reasons over other consciousness beliefs...

...Barrister Dominic Villa, acting for police officers, said the requirement to be vaccinated under the threat of disciplinary action or termination of employment limited human rights."

This is a monumental case, and of course we want those who had their livelihoods and personal dignity taken from them to win. Pray for them, pray for their success, pray for justice, pray for their jobs to be restored, for compensation to be made, and for repentance on behalf of those who coerced them. Pray Church, pray. 

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