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Thursday 23 June 2022

Some Good News In Sport

The culture wars continually rage. They are never settled, or over. The kingdom of darkness is always seeking to extinguish good, and the kingdom of God is continually advancing and growing. 

When we see wins, even little ones, we should celebrate them, because they encourage us to keep advocating for the good and true. Even in the highly converged world of sport, there are still glimpses of sanity:

"Rugby League has become the second major sporting body to ban transgender athletes from participating in international events.

According to The Daily Telegraph, International Rugby League will prohibit ‘male to female’ players from playing in international competitions until further research is carried out.

“In the interest of avoiding unnecessary welfare, legal and reputational risk to International Rugby League competitions, and those competing therein, the IRL believes there is a requirement and responsibility to further consult and complete additional research before finalising its policy,” the organization said.

“The IRL reaffirms its belief that rugby league is a game for all and that anyone and everyone can play our sport. It is the IRL’s responsibility to balance the individual’s right to participate — a longstanding principle of rugby league and at its heart from the day it was established — against perceived risk to other participants, and to ensure all are given a fair hearing.”

Not all of us are interested in women's sport, or even support the idea of it. But if it is going to happen, it should be impossible for a man to ever compete against women on their turf. Women's bodies are nowhere near as strong, sturdy or durable as men's bodies, and the damage a man can do while competing with women in sport is vast. It should not happen, especially in contact sport. 

Celebrate these small wins. It shows it is worth advocating for truth and goodness. The culture can be redirected, and we Christians have a responsibility to make sure we play our part in doing that. 

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