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Saturday 4 June 2022

Signs of Imperial Decay


No Empire lasts forever. They all eventually either fall under the pressure their own weight, or are conquered by more vigorous powers, changing climate conditions, disease and more. Every Empire burns bright and then burns itself out, and we see this with the American Empire. Here are a couple of examples. 

First, for some reason the U.S. Military is rationing meals for the seamen on one of their aircraft carriers

"What is going on?  The US Military is rationing food on at least one huge aircraft carrier.  Why is this happening?  Doesn’t the military receive hundreds of billions of dollars each year?  Where is the money going?

This Memorial week we received information that the men and women on US aircraft carrier, the USS Harry Truman, are receiving food rations.  This makes no sense.

The USS Harry Truman is not at war.  It is not in harm’s way.  It is in the Mediterranean Sea near the conflict in Ukraine but not in the Black Sea.

Around 5,000 personnel are on board this huge carrier.  Reports are coming out that the ship is rationing food.  Why is our military doing this?  It makes no sense.  They are only receiving two meals a day."

This story on its own might not be super telling. However, the signs of decay are becoming more obvious in other areas as well, with America not being able to guarantee its for supply for their own children:

"A shipment of 35 tons of baby formula has arrived Sunday in Indianapolis on a US military aircraft from Germany to address a nationwide shortage.

The prescription formula will be distributed to areas around the country where there is the most acute need, a Biden administration official earlier told CNN. But the official said none of the first shipment would land on store shelves in the US, adding that Sunday's shipment is hypoallergenic and will be fed to babies intolerant of protein in cow milk.

The shipment included 132 pallets of formula, which arrived on one C-17 cargo plane. The formula originated from Zurich, Switzerland, and was trucked to Germany, where it was loaded on the C-17 and flown to the US."

Some might laud this as an incredible effort by the US to look after its people. Those who know what nations and empires look like as they collapse find it telling: 

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who greeted the arrival of the delivery in Indianapolis, said Sunday's shipment -- the first of Operation Fly Formula -- would provide enough formula for 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for one week.

"It is a large shipment of very specific and specialized formula. Formula for moms and dads who have children who have allergies where the regular formula just simply will not work," the secretary said at a news conference in Indianapolis shortly after the shipment landed.

The Biden administration official told CNN earlier that the product contained in the first shipment will be distributed to hospitals, doctors, home health care facilities and pharmacies in regions "where the needs are most acute."

These are not the first or only signs of collapse. But they are glaringly powerful ones. With America needing to rely on a minor ally like Australia for baby power, we can see that the great US is in trouble. 

Australians take serious note of this: if America cannot assure its own supply of something like baby formula, how is it going to protect us from potential threats from nations like China? We are seeing the final years of the US Empire. This won't be the last blazingly obvious sign. Trust not in the chariots of Egypt is a message that we need today, just as much as the Israelites did. 


[1] Image from Sydney Morning Herald article "Milk from Down Under: Australian company secures approval to send baby formula to the US, By Nell Geraets and Ashleigh McMillan, May 28, 2022"

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