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Tuesday 15 November 2022

True Freedom

Image: Unsplash

Freedom, in and of itself, is not something to aspire to. Because undefined freedom is meaningless. The character and value of the freedom you aspire to, will be determined by what you are seeking freedom from. 

If it is freedom from God and all his boundaries, then you will free fall into destruction. 

If it is freedom from tyrants, and to order your life according to God's standards and boundaries...then you have hit on true and good freedom. 

Freedom should always be qualified, by what you are seeking to be free of. Because some cords should not be broken, if you wish to live an abundant life. 

Note this, the original meaning of the word liberty (freedom) was in relation to being free from debt/slavery, because the two states were intertwined. It was not freedom to do anything you want. But freedom from oppressive chains. 

We need to recapture this kind of freedom, if we want to improve our society. Freedom from that which puts us in bondage. 

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