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Sunday 28 August 2022

Completely Backwards

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I agree that excessive tax is theft. But not tax in general. Taxing is a legitimate and necessary activity of government. The Bible seems to imply about 20-30% of income being tax is the legitimate amount. Your taxes are not yours, according to Jesus, they are Caesars. 

However, usury (charging interest) is condemned in the Bible from being used on all but foreigners. Usury is a wicked practice that causes a lot of suffering in our world today, and in the past. 

So, as taxation is legitimate, and usury on your own citizens is theft, it would be legitimate for private citizens duly elected, or as lobbyists, to use the levers of government to a) ban interest, b) exact restitution for those suffering from interest, c) use taxation to cancel the debts of those in bondage to interest, and d) charge interest to foreigners (tariffs, loan interest, etc), to pay off debts for citizens. 

In other words those arguing interest charging (a significant part of debt) should be defended and it's not legitimate to use taxes to pay off debt, have it, biblically, exactly backwards. Especially if there is democratic desire for debt forgiveness. Tax, within reason is not theft. Favouring your citizens with money from taxes and interest charged to non-citizens is biblically commanded and allowed. 

Ergo, debt forgiveness can be achieved, is not theft, and is morally and practically required.

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