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Monday 1 August 2022

But Scientists Would Speak Out??

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One of the most common things people say when you tell them a particular public narrative is false is this: but then why aren't more people in the know speaking out about it? But what if they are, and you just aren't paying enough attention? 

Because when it comes to Covid and the vaccines, an enormous amount of eminent scientists are condemning the approach of governments to this crisis:

"The calls and text messages are relentless. On the other end are doctors and scientists at the top levels of the National Institutes for Health, Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are variously frustrated, exasperated and alarmed about the direction of the agencies to which they have devoted their careers.

“It’s like a horror movie I’m being forced to watch and I can’t close my eyes,” one senior FDA official lamented. “People are getting bad advice and we can’t say anything.”

That particular FDA doctor was referring to two recent developments inside the agency. First, how, with no solid clinical data, the agency authorized COVID vaccines for infants and toddlers, including those who already had COVID. And second, the fact that just months before the FDA bypassed its external experts to authorize booster shots for young children.

That doctor is hardly alone...

...Most recently, back in May, the lack of clinical evidence for booster shots in young people created a stir at the FDA. The White House promoted it hard even before FDA regulators had seen any data. Once they saw the data, they weren’t impressed. It showed no clear benefit against severe disease for people under 40. 

The FDA’s two top vaccine regulators — Dr. Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s vaccine office, and her deputy director, Dr. Philip Krause — quit the agency last year over political pressure to authorize vaccine boosters in young people. After their departure, they wrote scathing commentaries explaining why the data did not support a broad booster authorization, arguing in The Washington Post that “the push for boosters for everyone could actually prolong the pandemic,” citing concerns that boosting based on an outdated variant could be counterproductive."

They are speaking, just most people do not have ears to hear. Why? Various reasons. I know people who now know taking the vaccine was dangerous, but they don't want to think about. You can understand why. I know others who just cannot believe so many doctors could get it so wrong. It's too incredulous. Then there are those who don't want to be labelled. They KNOW this whole covid vaccine approach is evil and dangerous, but they dont want to be associated those hated anti-vaxxers. This effects even top scientists: 

"As one NIH scientist told us: “There’s a silence, an unwillingness for agency scientists to say anything. Even though they know that some of what’s being said out of the agency is absurd.”

That was a theme we heard over and over again — people felt like they couldn’t speak freely, even internally within their agencies. “You get labeled based on what you say. If you talk about it, you will suffer, I’m convinced,” an FDA staffer told us. Another person at that agency added: “If you speak honestly, you get treated differently.”" 

"Vaccines are safe." This is the Dogma. This is a religious belief. It's not a scientific statement, because the truth is every medicine can have different effects on different people, and some are just overall dangerous. But it is the only public opinion you are allowed to have. "You question this you are the worst kind of person: an anti-vaxxer. They are scum. They are a scourge on the social landscape." In a society that thinks this way even the scientific experts who know the truth cannot speak. It takes too many speaking too change the culture's perception and the career and reputation cost for the early speakers is incredibly high. And most people are just not courageous enough to do that. It takes courage to risk your career, reputation and more. And most people just want to get to the weekend, and cash their cheques, not challenge dominant cultural narratives. They want someone else to do that. 

It won't be accepted by most how dangerous this whole enterprise was until the vaccine injuries pass the "Sunrise" test. That is until they are consistent topics of discussion on morning TV or radio. For foreign readers, Sunrise is a morning show here in Australia. This is how most people keep themselves informed. Their most trusted TV host says: think this, or think that, and they then think it. As long as the vaccine injuries are kept out of that space, they'll be forbidden thoughts, anathema topics. Every scientific journal in the world could be reporting them, but people won't feel free to openly admit it till they receive their psychological cue: my morning show host says it, therefore it must be ok to talk about it now. 

Until such a time, no matter how many lead scientists speak, people will say: but wouldn't scientists speak out? 

They are, they always were, you've just been conditioned not to see it. 


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