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Thursday 18 August 2022

Christian Private Schools Face A Challenging Near Future

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There is a time coming, not too far away, when Christian education in fact, not in name, but in fact, will either be a) illegal, or b) too prone to litigation to be viably possible.

What I mean by that, is that many Christian schools will be so afraid of litigation, that they will allow all sorts of anti-Christian philosophies and gender ideas to run rampant in the schools, because ultimately private schools are a business, and they will not be able to afford not to. And they will be too afraid to lose out on funding and fees to do the right thing. 

That is unless the Church seeks to asserts its influence politically to avoid this fate. However, at the moment Christians are being told by many of their leaders it is their Christian duty not to assert themselves politically. So the chances of this are unlikely. 

Either way, read this article, and you will see, that Christians schools might be tolerating ideas that you do not want your kids to be around.  

"The independent Baptist school that prides itself on being a 'safe place' for marginalised children said in a statement they saw 'no evidence' Harley met the requirements.

'These requirements include potential students not being enrolled at or attending another school,' Carinity Education Southside said in a statement.

'Carinity Education is supportive of transgender students. Across our schooling network we have a number of students who identify as transgender.

'We were sadly unable to offer this student the opportunity to enroll at our school as they did not provide us with evidence that they met the requirements for admission to a special assistance school.'

The school added that their 'hearts go out to this child and we would like to work with the student's parents to find a schooling environment where their child will thrive.'"

Trying to play the nice, happy, we are ok with everything strategy, is going to cause massive issues for Churches very soon. It already is. How about just saying: we are not ok with parents doing this, and can't support it? 

Either way, home-schooling is the way forward. 

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