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Saturday 11 March 2023

Turn To The Lord, Australia


Image: Unsplash

Israel could not handle the rise of Babylon and before it Assyria. It could not handle how these nations threatened its sovereignty and its understanding of itself in light of their Covenant with God. So successive kings of Judah and Israel sought conflict with both Assyria and Babylon in various different alliances, some with smaller powers around them, others with larger powers like the fading nation of Egypt. Israel's foolish toying with alliances with minor powers and failing major powers made its fate under Babylon far worse than it could have been. Because it forced them into conflict with a nation that was far superior militarily to them. Ancient states like Babylon generally ruled with a light touch kingdoms that did not trouble it, constantly.

Australia, a wealthy, arrogant and sinfully proud nation is facing, remarkably, not very different options as ancient Judah and Israel. Our leaders response? To play the alliance game and align with either smaller powers in our circle or declining larger powers, with their own serious issues. 

This game will eventually force us into conflict with the rising powers, a conflict that we cannot win, that we do not need, and which we could easily avoid, by seeking neutrality.

Australia is not a new Israel. But in general God has dealt with nations pretty consistently. He raises up righteous nations and allows those that reject his ways to be judged, in various ways.

We should see this rising new landscape as a warning to all Australians that though we focus on homeownership, careers, and silly policies that deny the reality of what a woman really is and much more, God is raising up new powers that he could use to discipline our nation...Making all our perceived problems pale in comparison.

The only real hope for Australia is not alliances with England, or the U.S. or buying imported submarines, or second hand jets. We need to turn back to God in large numbers and repent.

Ghengis Kahn told many of the people's he conquered: "You must have been wicked for God to allow me to conquer you in this way." There were kingdoms, Christian Kingdoms, like the Rus city of Novgorod that flourished under Mongol rule, because they did not fall for the petty trap of alliances. I think God is seeking to get our attention, to turn to him, as a people, and trust in him, as a people. We should heed his call. He is gracious to those who turn to him in repentance and trust in him. 

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