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Thursday 9 March 2023

A Pernicious Evil


Gender equality in all areas of life and society is not only a bad idea, it is a pernicious evil.

Men and women are not the same, and will naturally tend to different areas of life, unless of course they are strongly propagandized to do otherwise. When given the free choice women generally choose professions where they are alongside people in various care roles, or team work orientated, or choose to fore go a profession completely and manage the home. Men generally choose professions where they can create, build, work alone as much as possible and generally pursue more physical work.

A society where men and women were actually all equal in every field would be a terrible and horrible society where men and women in large numbers were both forced to deny their inherent qualitative differences and be miserable, all to serve an ungodly philosophy: egalitarianism. A philosophy alien to the Scriptures and most of human history, but funnily enough proposed by Karl Marx, of all people, among others.

The more egalitarian our society becomes, the more unhappy women get, because all the propaganda and conditioning in the world about how equality is a good thing and men and women are basically the same, interchangeable units who should be represented equally in all fields, can't change the inherent nature that God has given to men and women.

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