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Wednesday 1 March 2023

It Was The Anxiety

What was the determining factor for why some people saw this and spoke out whereas many others either saw it and did not speak out or could not see that this was the case during the pressure? 

Simple: when all of society is provoked by fear (from whatever direction) simply standing still and refusing to act as the majority is acting, will mean you end up on the right side of things in the long term, which is precisely where all the sceptics have now ended up. Simply standing still when everyone else is anxious will help you see through the hysteria. It's all you need to do. 

I know others who saw this, and went along because that's just what you do when authorities are telling you to, they said. Their fear of being seen as troublesome overrode their common sense. But that kind of thinking, if you know any modern history, is dangerous. 

Standing still when others are acting out of anxiety will make those people look at you as insane, or troublesome, or cooko, or some other negative way. Their anxiety will increase and they will shout out: "Why arent you submitting too?" They'll get angry and attack you. But if you recognize that no society throws out most of its principles and ways of life overnight without being driven by severe and irrational anxiety, of one form or another, you'll find it much easier to see through it all. 

As I said when interviewed on this: "In a moment of anxiety society threw away everything it knew to be right." It's never wrong to stand in the midst of that and say: "I'm not going with you." Even if it costs. It will cost you, guaranteed. But it is worth it, every time. Even if most people will never acknowledge it. 

In fact afterward, the shame will be so high, they'll get angry at you if you won't just move on. Because the whole time, most people were just in this space: wanting it to be all over. Which is natural, understandable. Hence the motivation to review, repent and learn is overpowered by the desire to just forget. Afterall, isn't life hard enough already? Don't we all make mistakes? Yes. But some mistakes create an injustice too high to just move on.

"In the final analysis, public health officials actively propagated misinformation that ruined lives and forever damaged public trust in the medical profession. Here are 10 ways they misled us:"

10 myths told by Covid experts — now debunked

10 myths down and more to come. 

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