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Wednesday 29 March 2023

Don't Move A Fence Before...

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"Don't move a fence before you know why the fence was put up."

Australia is getting ready to move a giant fence, but it's clear over the last few years this nation is led by people who don't care or understand the reasoning behind the constitution, they just look for ways to navigate around it or turn it towards modern agendas. 

How can such a society, with such a low state of wisdom among their leadership, claim the wisdom to be able to move a fence when they don't understand why it's there?

We should be trying to get back to constitutionally based government, not arrogantly seeking to change things that modern people have little understanding of why they are there. 

The framers set up our nation and our constitution to work a certain way, and it is based on ancient Anglo-Saxon wisdom. Forged over centuries of experience across continents. 

That's my thoughts about the proposed 'Voice To Parliament' for indigenous peoples. There's no wisdom in it, no need for it, it's all driven by emotion, to suit a certain modern amd fashionable mood, and will tamper with a boundary that was set up for a reason. With unknown side effects. 

We are not led by the kind of wise leaders that have a remarkable vision for society. We are led by emotionally driven people who respond to public mood, which is inturn driven by media manipulation and messaging. This is not wise.

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