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Wednesday 22 March 2023

Confusion Serves The Lie

Image: Unsplash

When women were largely home-managers transgenderism was an almost impossible cause to have take off, because everyone knew what a man and a woman was and, this is important, what they did.

So, to get to a final stage where gender boundaries are destroyed, first feminists needed to confuse people on what a woman does. To do this feminist’s pushed the idea that a woman can do all that a man can do and be all that a man can be.

In a society where men and women become nothing but interchangeable economic beings divorced from their historical and civilisational founding roles, it is then relatively easy to convince some people, even a lot of people, that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man. After all, they do all the same things don’t they? They must be the same, and gender distinctions of any kind must just be shackles should be cast off!

This is precisely how history tells us feminism = transgenderism and how it subverted our society:

"Shelley’s intentions are clear. In The Revolt of Isalm Shelley was attempting to create a feminist counter-narrative myth to demonstrate ideological opposition to the dominant Christian view of gender roles.”[21] Shelley’s goal, as an advocate of feminism, like his parents-in-law, is to frame God and the patriarchy ordained by God, as the force of oppression, and encourage women to ‘realize’ that they can smash all gender boundaries.

“Shelley’s revolutionary Satanism is combined with what can, without much hesitation, be described as a feminist ideal. This is further reflected, for example, in how Cythna takes on a role coded as masculine, when she comes charging on a black steed, sword in hand, to rescue her brother. Shelley held a utopian vision that gender differences, ‘detestable distinctions’, as he called them in a letter, would ‘surely be abolished in a future state of being’.”[22]"

If you would like to read more about how this process happened you can read about this here.

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