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Monday 30 January 2023

What Is Your Price?

What is your price? How much does someone need to offer you to buy you off? 

If you stood against the coercive vaccine mandates, what was your price? How much did they have to offer you to get you to take it? Some of my readers and friends lost income, work, jobs, friendships, family, career opportunities and more. I bet if I asked almost everyone who said no, they would tell me that there was no price, there was no way they were going to take it. It was not worth any money that they could offer you. And in many ways they proved this with their actions. 

Some did this for medical reasons. Some did this for ethical reasons. Some did this for relationship reasons. Some did this because they could smell the stench of sulfur around the whole situation and knew in their heart that they should not participate. For some of you it was a combination of all of these things. It was never about money or things. 

The point is, even if, for many of you, when you were offered material benefits to take the vaccine you still said no, because there are many things more important than material wealth. Depending on your reasoning it may have been your health, your ethics, your principles, for some even their soul, etc, etc*. It wasn't about the money, it was never about the money, the things, or the comforts, for you it was about doing the right thing. That is why you said no. In my heart I could not go along with the most wicked rise of coercion of conscience in the modern era. My conscience would not let me. There were other reasons too. 

What does this have to do with the picture in the blog?

Well, this: for many Indigenous Australians, it is not about the money, the technology, the comforts, or even the civilisation. This is not what it is about. For some, this is enough to make them happy, but for many it is not about this. No one can deny that Colonization improved Australia. You might hate me for saying this, call out that saying this is racist, but it is a fact that it did. Australia went from a backward primitive land and all that entails, to become one of the most advanced first world economies on the planet. This is an indisputable fact. For many people, most, that is an undeniable improvement for this country. 

But if you are a principled person, you know that money and comfort are not everything. You know that Jesus saying no to the Devil to gain the power over all the kingdoms of the world is not worth your soul, and therefore you know that saying no to taking the ticket, being bought out, is a good thing to do. Even if you don't always do it, when the opportunity comes. 

There is something inside the soul of many Indigenous people which thinks, "Yep, we have so many things, but we aren't our own masters." And all the riches in the world could not convince a principled person to give up their own mastership just for things. This is where some of them sit, and I get this. Many arguments by people, such as the one in the image, don't understand that this is an important part of the discussion, and I probably didn't until a few years ago myself. 

Now that you have stood up to the system you would understand this better now as well. We all should. You would understand how much you were willing to lose a lot to say no. Some of you literally did do this. You lost a lot.  

I get this, not because I am Indigenous, I am not. I am of mostly English and some Russian descent. I am the son of an Englishman and an Aussie woman. I get this, because if you look forward you can see how we Anglo-Saxon Aussies are losing our nation, before our own eyes, and with this comes our own self-determination as a people. Already our culture is beholden to globalist interests, and pretty much every Aussie resents this already. Fast forward 200 years, and we may feel just as the Indigenous do now, that we are no longer masters in our own land, and that we do not like this. Fast-forward 20 years and this may be the case, depending on world events, and the changing of imperial powers.  

My point here is not to say we should try and turn things back, we can't. My point is to note that we need to start paying attention to how things are developing, before we are no longer masters in our own land. And we need to understand better, why for many people it is not about the shiny things that colonization brought them, it is about being sovereign in the land of your people. This means more to many people than things. It is good for Aussies to love our nation and want it freed from foreign interference. This is natural for any people.   

*some people saw the coercion as evil and therefore just could not in good conscience participate. 

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