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Sunday 29 January 2023


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"No doubt by now some readers are puzzled at my repeated use of the words virgin and maiden, and, if those readers went to public school instead of getting an education, they are not only puzzled but offended. This brings up a second and larger point about woodland creatures working at human tasks, which is, namely, what power does the fairy tale virgin possess which enables her to overcome or ignore the gap between man and nature which afflicts the rest of the Sons of Adam?

It is, of course, her innocence. 

Much as it appalls the brain-dead zombies indoctrinated by public schools, innocence is better than the cynicism or shared guilt or victimology taught by modern thought, and, if we place faith in the account Moses told the Children of Israel about Eden, it was lack of innocence that drove the parents of mankind out of paradise."

John C. Wright, Transhuman and Subhuman

No your kids don't need to be forced to see the world as it is, as young children. Innocence is a good thing, and should be protected and treasured. It was our original state before the fall. They will come to understand what the world is eventually, no need to rush this realisation by sending them out without your supervision.

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