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Monday 16 January 2023

A Remarkable Interview With An Immunologist

Image: Unsplash

In this remarkable video Dr John Campbell interviews a senior Australian immunologist, Professor Robert Clancy, about Mrna. 

Professor Clancy explains the awesome ways that Mrna could be used. But also why the ways it is being used is not good.  

Some of the key points from the video are: 

1)  Many of the principles of individualized medicine are not being applied in the pandemic response. This is something that other health professionals have noted, and that human rights activists have also addressed. 

2) MRNA vaccines do not allow you to control the dose in the same way that you can with a traditional vaccine, because of how they interact with everyone's bodies is so different. This explains the vast array of differing responses, including bad responses for many people. 

3) He explains the biological reason all the severely sick people in NSW, his State, are multi boosted and why they are not unvaccinated. This is something that others have observed but he gives a more detailed explanation of why this is the case. 

4) Mrna could be used to defeat really bad cancers. If it is tailored. He explains how this is already happening in some parts of the world, and how this method has great potential. I found that information really interesting.   

5) At one point he highlights the different areas of understanding between epidemiologists and immunologists. Fascinating stuff. 

This video is well worthing listening to. It is also awesome to hear an Aussie immunologist give his informed perspective. Dr John Campbell has been one of the most intriguing people to follow throughout these last couple of years. His data based approach that is willing to go wherever the evidence leads has revealed some remarkable information. Many of his videos are good, this particular one is one of the best. 

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