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Wednesday 25 January 2023

Society More Against Men Today?

A lot of people think society is more anti-man today than it used to be. Maybe you make this case, but I'm not so sure. Men have always, always, been the disposable sex. 

Martin Van Creveld, the eminent historian, proves this conclusively in his book, The Privileged Sex, how woman have always been privileged by society. If you think of privilege as political power you'll find this confusing, but if you understand that where most resources and protection have been directed shows true privilege then this will make more sense. Indeed, it's necessary, more resources need to dedicated to protecting those who nurture the next generation. It's just how it has to be. 

If you look at how men were disposable in the workforce, in exploration, in war, in many other ways in the past, you'll see how despised men really were. If a village was raided all the women might be taken into some despots harem, but all the fighting age men would be put to sword. Who was more privileged there? In war or work men's commanding officers or supervisors had very little qualms about expending their lives, if there was victory or profit in the endeavour. It was common.

Consider World War One, even after it was clear that sending men into machine gun fire was pointless, you gained little if any ground, Generals and Governments still ordered it. Just one more charge as Blackadder would point out, one more "heroic" charge. But every charge stole countless men from society. It's hard to see how men were more valued there and then, as they are today. Maybe more useful? 

Society has always, always been stacked against men. Only about 20% of men have passed on their genetics in history, and about 80% of women. These stat's are roughly similar to online dating. Men were always more expendable. 

So, I don't think it's so much that society is against men today, any more than in the past. It's just doesn't know what to do with men anymore. In the past it could ship them off in Viking raiding parties, Colonial exploration ships, or Imperial conquest armies, and to the survivors went the spoils. Whereas today these options don't really exist (except maybe in the unstable parts of Africa, or other less civilised areas). Because society doesn't know what to do with men, society turns on them in different ways. 

Of course this is partly a product of easy times, these easy times will fade eventually, and people will recognize how necessary men are for protecting their society again. But men will then just be expended again in these efforts. It's the way of things. 

It's emcumbent on the men of society to understand this and rise above it. Work hard to create your part in the world. Earn respect and don't complain about society being against men. When hasn't it been? Overcome, work hard, get a wife, raise kids and teach your boys to be overcomers, to love Jesus and advance his kingdom. Those of us alive today are descended from the men of the past that overcame. The Church today exists because of Christian men that did this. 

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