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Thursday 5 January 2023

Millennials Are Sort Of Beginning To Save Marriage

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Millennials are turning the divorce rates around, while older generations continue to divorce at higher rates:

"While public perception is that half of all American marriages end in divorce, that statistic is actually much lower. The divorce rate in the U.S. peaked in 1980 at 40% and has been dropping since. Millennials are driving that decrease, while older gen-Xers and baby boomers are divorcing at rates twice that of the '90s. The reasons for divorce are complicated and vary across demographics and age. But one factor shows a strong predictor for long-term marital success: occupation."

If you are wondering why are the Millennials turning the ship around? The answer is simple, it is because we have seen what divorce did to our parents and lots of their friends (who happen to be either boomers or older gen-xers), and we don't want to go through that. The boomers created the high divorce rates, and younger generations are slowly moving away from such thinking. Millennials saw firsthand that divorce never really solves the problems, it just exports them to more families. Instead of the couple in one family having their issues, they translate it to at least another family each, or maybe even more. Divorce is not really worth it in most contexts.

Now, Millennials have their own issues as a generation, and the way that Millennial parents tolerate the nonsense their kids put up with in the schooling system today is going to create a whole new host of issues in the future. Millennials get highly offended when you try to tell them this, but they are not considered the most over sensitive generation for no reason. This over sensitivity has to led to all sorts of problems for society, and Millennials have to largely own this.  

And it is not all good news on the marriage front either. Part of the reason that Millennial divorce rates are going down, is because less Millennials are getting married

"The point he was making was that people with college degrees are now more likely to get married than those who have no more than a high-school education. And the key to understanding the declining divorce rate, Cherlin says, is that it is “going down some for everybody,” but “the decline has been steepest for the college graduates.”

But there is a strong cohort of Millennials that is getting divorced less and this is good. We should at least be encouraged that Millennials are slowly turning the ship around with marriage. That’s something. Hopefully our kids can take back even more of the Christendom that Boomers rejected.

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