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Thursday 26 January 2023

Happy Australia Day

Image: Unsplash

Happy Australia Day. 

Our flag is a wonderful representation of who Australia is. The Union Jack, the Blue Ensign, the flag of Great Britain, holds within it the Irish, Scottish, and English and Welsh flags (Wales being united in English rule). The southern Cross represents their representation in the south land "Terra Australis". With the seven pointed Commonwealth Star noting our connection to our British brethren across the seas. Along with the Irish and British convicts and settlers, this is who was forged into this unique new identity in the Southern Seas: Australian.

Though the wicked multiculturalists seek to redefine your nationality away. Though they seek to tell you it is defined by state decree through a passport. Though they try to say there is no such thing as Australian ethnicity. There is and it is recognized across the world by all who encounter it as distinct and different. Our way of speech still confounds the Yanks to this day. 

So enjoy this day, never forget who you are, and don't allow anyone to deny you your identity: Australian, made from Anglo-Saxon and Celt into one people forged on a sunburnt land. 

This is Australia. 

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