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Tuesday 12 July 2022

You Have Been Lied Too

Feminists: Men have always been the privileged sex, oppressing women throughout history, women never had any power...until we burnt our bras. 

History: The Groom, Philiscus, is: 

“[T]o take no other wife but Apollonia, and no concubine, and let him have no boyfriends or beget any children from any woman as long as Apollonia is living, nor inhabit any other household but the one over which Apollonia rules. Nor let him repudiate her or do violence to her or treat her badly or alienate any of their property in a way which is unfair to Apollonia. If he is caught doing any of those things... then let him pay back immediately to Apollonia her dowry... By the same token, let Apollonia not be permitted to spend the day or the night away from the house of Philiscus without his knowledge. Nor may she sleep with another man, nor may she squander their common household property, nor may she disgrace Philiscus in the ways in which men get disgraced. But if Apollonia willingly does any of these things, let her be sent away from Philiscus, and let him repay to her the dowry simply within ten days of her departure.” (From a 92BC Egyptian/Greek marriage contract)

"The terms of divorce were striking. If a dissolution of the marriage came about through some transgression of Philiscus, the dowry had to be returned. If Apollonia was the party guilty of bringing about divorce, the dowry also had to be returned."

From Martin Van Creveld's, The Privileged Sex

Feminists: That doesn't count, because...ah...

You have been lied to about much of what you have been taught about history.

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