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Monday 25 July 2022

Pride Is A Sin

My views on immigration are well known to readers of this blog. At least those who have read it for some time. We need to stop it, it is that simple. We have had too much of it here in Australia, and this will cause conflicts of various kinds over time. But one interesting facit of immigration into Australia is the strong representation of Christians amongst Pacific Island immigrants. Aside from a few cults and the occasional Muslim, most Polynesians are strong, practising, and vocal Protestant Christians. 

Israel Folau made headlines across the world a few years ago for challenging the LGBTB issue on social media. He did this openly and boldly, because he comes from a culture and society where it's still a grevious sin. And where the Bible is still the most respected book. 

I have been waiting for this to become a bigger issue in the NRL (National Rugby League), for some time, because many upcoming and established professional players are Polynesians with strong Christian faiths. And finally an SJW at an NRL club has triggered the sleeping saints in the league. Fox News reports:

"Manly are facing a major headache with seven players considering not wearing a pride jersey against the Roosters on Thursday...

...The club will hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday to find a solution.

The players, mostly of Polynesian backgrounds, are considering a boycott of the game, Nine reported."

Pray for these men, stand with these men. They have unleashed a whirlwind, a necessary one. Diversities are colliding. This will be fascinating to watch play out. 

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