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Wednesday 20 July 2022

A Strange Phenomenon

It is a strange phenomenon to witness this and still several weeks later there has been no change. Very strange. 

Of course the battle for children is not over. In the US they now need to expunge abortion in the pro-death states. Here in Australia there is much to be done as well. The pro-death leftists who marched in protest in Australia against the over turning of Roe vs Wade were right to recognize that their precious pillar of fake equality is vulnerable. The winds of society change, and a lot of people find abortion abhorrent. And not just believers.

The mooted response from big-eva and leading evangelicals is incredible. I think it stems from a few things, but the key one is mis-placed compassion. Too many Christian leaders say we should feel sorry for women who want an abortion. Hence to celebrate the over turning of pro-abortion legislation is viewed as too "insensitive". But we should not feel sorry for women who want to abort their children, any more than we should feel sorry for a man who wants to hit his wife. They are both evil acts. We should feel angered by people desiring to do such evil. 

We should of course offer counselling and help to direct people in other directions, but people direct too much misplaced compassion towards those who would take a life. Perhaps a very small amount do not know what they are doing, but that is not true of the majority. And even if it is, it is still a grevious sin and blasphemy to be repented off, not to be faced softly.

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