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Saturday 2 July 2022

Get Your Vaccines Or We'll Bully You Again

Caving in to government pressure has taught the government they can bully their citizens to get their way. We tried to warn you about this, but you believed complying with the bully made him go away. No bully was ever driven away by this strategy in history. None

"Queensland's Chief Health Officer says there is "increasing pressure" nationally to return a mask mandate. 

There were 34,931 new COVID cases reported in the past 24 hours and COVID-related deaths across the nation had steadily increased over recent months, with the daily death count reaching its highest level since February.

Queensland's CHO John Gerrard told 4BC radio that the return of mask mandates was being "discussed" with his counterparts from other states.

"I can say that nationally, there is increasing pressure, there is a school of thought that we should be mandating masks again," he said.

But Dr Gerrard said he would personally prefer to wind back public health mandates.

"We want to move away from restrictions, towards more self-regulation and self-responsibility – that means being up-to-date with your vaccines," he said.

The masks, and vaccines failed to keep the virus away. Everyone can see this now. So of course, let's do it all again...this is tiresome. Not because of the wickedness of our leaders but the complicity of the people. 

Observe this NSW health data. Note of the 529 people in hospital (excluding the 56 in the ICU) with covid the number of those who are there who had no doses of the covid vaccine are zero, the other 529 had varying numbers of doses. Of the 56 in ICU, again none were unvaccinated. 

Of 104 deaths in the last 14 days, 12, less than 11% are among the unvaccinated. And of deaths overall, less than 3 are under 60. Those with three doses have the most deaths and the most admissions to hospital. This is NSW's up to date data, not QLD's. But masks and vaccines didn't stop this happening. 

But note that articles like the one above came out previously just before they instituted the earlier waves of restrictions. Whether or not they do it again, remains to be seen, but can you see the subtle note of coercion in this piece: we'd really rather not do this, but if people don't boost up, this option is on the table...hint, hint. 

Comply to bullies and they will be empowered. This has always been the case. The government has no right to mandate people's health choices or corral them in a certain health direction. But the ease with which people have submitted has told them they can. Continue to comply and coercion will continue to be applied. 

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