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Thursday 7 July 2022

Excess Deaths

The pandemic response is killing people, it's now conclusive and undeniable in the data. I shared the above statistic of Australian excess mortality a couple of weeks ago. Data from other countries is now looking as bad. 

15.9% above average excess deaths in one week in England, and 16.6% in Wales, and it is getting worse not better. 

To examine the data, rather than take my assessment, here is doctor John Campbell explaining it. 

His most important point is very simple: we over focused on one thing to the exclusion of all else. Some of us were writing about this in early 2021, such as my piece on lockdowns here examining a broad range of scientific papers on the issue, showing lockdowns had failed.

Others were far ahead of that and publicly challenging these policies as early as early 2020 in their writings (I did challenge things from late March 2020 on social media, but not my blog). The Great Barrington Declaration of late 2020 is a great example of how we had the knowledge to see this coming and that our leaders can't use "following the best science of the day" as an excuse, because they didn't. They actually ignored agreed scientific process and agreed virus mitigation strategies, and in doing so they fought one problem and created 1000 more. From delayed diagnosis of cancers, to vaccine injuries, to creating fissures in the supply chain, and more. 

Again those of us sceptical of the pandemic response have been vindicated. 

Edit: the 20.5% number comes from the ABS January to February numbers found here.

Updated data from the ABS for the period of January to March brings the number down to 17.5% found here  

Both these numbers are very high, and not what we were told to expect. 

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