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Thursday 4 April 2024

This Woman is Right – The Church Has Dropped The Ball


This woman is right. The Bible says a lot about being a woman, a wife and a mother, that most churches won't touch, for various reasons. A lot of it is put in the "too old fashioned" basket, when in reality, if we want our nation to have a Christian future and our churches to have a Christian future (look how many are being converted to mosques across Europe), it should be put into the we need to repent and get back to this basket.

I started to realize this about 10 or so years ago myself. That rather than the church being embarrassed about what the Bible says about gender roles, we should be embarrassed we neglected what it says for so long. This is vital information that makes a massive difference in how a Christian family can function in a healthy and Christ honouring way. And, in large measure, the Church has mostly abandoned it.  

If the majority of the church changed this one area, our society would look radically different in a generation, or less. At least it would begin to. Christians are still a significant force in Australia and in the West, we are just a force which has been overcome by worldly ways.

It should not be left to women to guide this either, men need to act like men, be strong and courageous as Paul commands, and gently restore this standard in the homes and churches. The Christian family in the Bible is a civilising force. The modern family which Christians have largely succumbed to is a dyscivilisational force.

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