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Saturday 6 April 2024

Fake Christian Allies


The media keeps reiterating that:

J K Rowling is the great defender of correct gender roles.

Richard Dawkins is the great defender of Christian culture.

Jordan Peterson is the great presenter of Christian philosophy.

Ben Shapiro is the great defender of the conservatism many Christians prefer.

Tom Holland, another atheist, is the great Christian history defender.

Do you notice a pattern?

Christianity is clearly reawakening in the West, and the narrative pushers are clearly seeking to gatekeep it. None of these people will truly point anyone to Jesus Christ, Church membership, or discipleship, but will offer a neutered version of pseudo-Christian values that our culture doesn't fear and knows how to contain. Every single one of these people has deeply anti-Christian views.

Beware the gatekeepers, look to those who are truly leading the Christian resurgence. There are many prominent such people out there.

You might say, "What's the harm in the media putting forward these types, these gatekeepers, that kind of are mildly Christian adjacent?" The answer is when you watch them publicly present their positions they are far more easily contained by their secular opponents, because they are actually secular themselves and point people to far more errors than solutions. They are harmless to the secular foundations of our godless society, and give an appearance of pointing in the right direction, but actually don't. Every single one of them, and those of their ilk, want to direct you to the very secularism that got our western civilisation in its current mess.

Christianity is resurgent, the attempts by many in the media to contain it is a good sign. But look outside the ones containing it. They aren't true allies.

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