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Tuesday 16 April 2024

The New World Order


“The New World Order” is an interesting phrase. Often you will hear it bandied about by the end times predictors. But the truth is we have been living in the a “new world order” for some time. If you look at a standard United States one dollar bill, at least an older one, I do not have a recent one, you will see a pyramid with the all seeing eye above it, and below these words “novus ordo seclorum” which translates to “new order of the ages” or “the new world order.”

The age of the rise and now decline of the United States has been a new world order. The age that came before it was the age of Kings and their empires. This was replaced with the Republican system of the United States which then sought to lead the way by advancing democracy around the world, or at least claim to because the reality is far different. But this ushered in an age where kings were made mere ornaments of their nations, and countries were supposed to be ruled by Presidents and Prime Ministers rather than the blooded aristocracies. The truth of the matter is far different of course, the aristocracies simply worked behind the scenes to give people apparent democracy. But still this was claimed to be, and in many ways was, a new world order. Some even called it “the end of history” where liberal democracy was going to usher in a new golden age of liberal humanity, much in the mould of the Federation in Star Trek. It turns out though that really the ancient Greek philosophers were correct, and just like the democracies and republics of the past, this was just a stage of society before oligarchy and tyranny.

Be that as it may, we have now entered into a “New World Order” of earth-shattering proportions. It has been clear for some time now that the United States is severely declining. None of its wars have been truly successful for some time, and they have become increasingly disastrous. Rather than tip the balance in favour of Ukraine, America’s support for Zelensky in the U.S.’s proxy war against Russia has instead bled the West of arms and Ukraine of men and placed Russia and its allied nations, like China and others, in the strongest position they have been in years.

But the recent attack on Israel by Iran has placed an exclamation mark on the New World Order we are now in, one where neither Israel nor the United States can operate with impunity as they have long been able. There has been much in the media about how Israel defeated Iran’s so-called “desperate” attack, but a lot of evidence points to this not being the case, but rather a significant warning to the globalist powers that Iran can now project itself, at least effectively in the Middle East. Simplicius has made this case, among others, and he is a man to listen to because while the media was parroting the lie that Ukraine was winning, he was putting out battle analysis after battle analysis showing that Russia was handling everything Ukraine was throwing at it, and in fact showing a lot of restraint in its response while winning handsomely. His Analysis of the attack on Israel by Iran is therefore an incredibly useful piece of information to help us understand what has happened and just how much our world has changed. Here are some excerpts from his excellent piece on the issue:

“An Iranian academic stated the following:

"Iran has not fired its hypersonic missiles. In fact, most of the drones and missiles that were fired were older drones and missiles. They were very inexpensive and were used as decoys. So Iran spent a couple of million dollars to force the Israelis to spend $1.3 billion in anti-missile missiles, which was itself a big achievement by the Iranians. And then a number of other missiles that the Iranians fired...cut through and struck their targets," the academic and geopolitical affairs commentator told Sputnik.”

And lastly, there are some experts who believe Iran utilized its elusive hypersonic Kheybar Shekan missile, which also features a highly maneuverable MaRV…

…This is where it gets most interesting, and why I’ve prefaced it so thoroughly.

In short: while Israel and the U.S. claim they shot down 100% of everything, and while it’s possible that the drone and cruise missile lures were mostly shot down—though we have no strong evidence one way or the other—we do have evidence that the ballistic missiles largely went unopposed, slicing through what’s claimed to be the densest air defense in the world. Not only Israel’s itself, comprised of a layered defense of David Slings, Arrow-3s, Patriots, and Iron Dome, but also the aforementioned allied airforces, as well as what’s now been reported to be a U.S. Arleigh Burke warship firing upwards of 70+ SM-3 missiles from the Mediterranean shore…

…They call this the New Equation. Anytime Israel attacks them, Iran now intends to strike them ‘head on’, i.e. directly from its soil as is their newly demonstrated capability.

Beyond this, Iran broke ground in setting new milestones for missile technology and modern warfare, as stated in the outset. Iran demonstrated the capacity to bypass the most powerful and advanced anti-missile systems in the world—ones that have no built-in excuse as is the case in Ukraine. In Ukraine, the excuse is that the Patriots and other systems are manned by under-trained Ukrainians, and are not reinforced and integrated as wholly into layered Western systems as they would be in Western hands…

This sends a signal that Iran is now truly capable of striking any of the most high profile, high value targets of the West’s, in the entire sphere of the Middle East, within a radius of 2000-4000km. That is a significant capability that dwarfs even anything Russia or the U.S. itself is capable of in the same efficient way. Sure, Russia can send Avangards (very few, and highly expensive) and far slower long range cruise missiles, but due to the Treaty, no other country can match Iran’s cheap and immediate ballistic missile capability. The U.S. would have to send up a load of slow planes and do the traditional long range stand off attacks with slow munitions to hit targets at such distances…

Iran is said to have thousands of such missiles, so obviously having launched only 70+ or so is likely not indicative of a major attack tasked with actually causing serious destruction to Israeli infrastructure.”[1]

The entire analysis is interesting, as it always is with Simplicius. You might wonder why we would believe what he has to say in opposition to so many media reports that Iran expended all its weapons and failed to break the iron dome? Well, for how long did the media tell us that Ukraine was winning, Russia was running out of ammo, and the war was nearly over? Many times, it might be hard to remember that now, but this was the message for some time, and while this message was being pushed in all of the major new sites, Simplicius’ analysis was countering this on virtually every point and showing us that not only was Russia not running out of ammunition and artillery shells, it is able to produce them at a far higher rate than the United States and its allies combined. This has born out on the battlefield, as have many of Simplicius’ other assertions. Of course, he is not the only one saying this. I have been following Simplicius and others on the war in Ukraine on the advice of people with far more knowledge and experience in world politics and war than I have, and much of what especially Simplicius says appears to accurately counter what much of the mainstream media says about the situation on the ground in war. And his analysis, along with others, show us that the world has changed and the West is now behind the eight ball.

Of course, we are in the fog of war, and there is information, disinformation and counter-disinformation all over the place. But if Simplicius’s analysis is correct, and there is a lot of good reason to trust that it is, then the world has drastically changed.

If the vaunted Iron Dome can be penetrated, then so too can the defences of many other countries, the defences of aircraft carriers, and military bases worldwide. This changes the balance of power in the Middle East, at least potentially unless Israel and the United States have a way to respond effectively, and it changes the ability for the United States to be able to project its power around the world, wherever such missile systems exist. This has long been predicted to be the case, but now we are seeing it in action.

Some people are not able to comprehend why this is such a big deal. Why does the fact that this attack cost about $30 million dollars and Israel’s defence cost about $1.3 billion matter? The answer should be obvious really. Because that which is cheaper and easier to make can be made in much more volume and quicker than that which is expensive and harder to make. Aircraft carriers are phenomenal feats of engineering and power, but they cost about $5-10 billion to make, and they take a lot of time and a lot of resources. And now there is the potential to see them taken out by relatively cheap and easier to build weapons by far less powerful nations. What Iran shot at Israel was barely a fraction of what it is purported to have access to. And this type of arsenal is far easier and cheap to make than what the U.S. focuses on.

This changes the world as we know it. We are now, if all of these reports are correct, in a true and genuine New World Order. One where neither the United States, nor its allies, can do what they want with impunity. One where regional powers can cause world powers to hesitate and maybe even retreat. Because what we are effectively seeing is that in the same way destroyers and battleships were surpassed by aircraft carriers in World War 2, changing the balance of world powers, so too have aircraft carriers, and ever fighters jets, now been replaced by advanced missile technology that can penetrate the best possible defences. This is a phenomenal development.

As a history lover and student of military history I think this is a fascinating thing to behold. As a westerner, and someone who lives in a country that has been prosperous in large part because the passing world order favoured it, I can only think that now more than ever we men of the West need to be calling on the Lord Jesus Christ to give wisdom to our leaders. A world where regional Middle Eastern powers can stop the U.S. military from projecting at will, is a very different world than the one we are used it. It is the difference between a Britain with Roman legions and a Britain where the legions have left. It is a world where our government leaders will need to rethink how they engage with such nations. Hopefully, this works out for long time peace. I suspect that in the short term though this will provoke more war, while both sides test each other’s current and emerging capabilities. The world is about to get a far lot more interesting because it will be far less predictable.

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