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Tuesday 2 April 2024

The Best Seminary


Image: Unsplash

Came across this in my sermon research today, and I think it is spot on:

"Gouge notes that Christians should have children so “that the world might be increased: and not simply increased, but with a legitimate brood, and distinct families, which are the seminaries of cities and the Commonwealths. Yea also that in the world the Church by an holy seed might be pre­served, and propagated (Mal. 2:15).”

A Puritan view on marriage. Families "are the seminaries of the cities and the Commonwealths." That is a wonderful view of family. Family is the place where the next generation are supposed to be forged into the advocates and missionaries of the kingdom way of life, to take the message that Jesus Christ is King to all peoples. The home, not the church or seminary, is the primary seminary of society.

This is a vital view of family that must be reclaimed if we want to see our culture transformed. School, kindy, Sunday school, youth group, Christian school, etc, etc, none of these are the primary seminaries of the church, but the home is. The rest are just aids. They are good aids which can help the Christian family out, but they are add-ons, they are not the main game. Therefore, the majority of our efforts teaching our kids to be Christians should be expended on Christian education in the home. If your kids go to a school, then this doesn't change, it just means you have less time to do it. But the requirement is still there, you simply have to work this around their busy school schedule and your busy work schedule, but the responsibility and the opportunity is on your shoulders, no one else’s.

One way we have lost the West is by outsourcing Christian education to professionals, rather than maintaining it as one of the primary functions of the home. The best thing about recognizing this, is that any parent, any father or mother, can turn this around by simply grabbing the Bible a few times a week and reading it to your children. Anyone can do this. Do you ever do this? 


  1. Dubble Trubble5 April 2024 at 09:58

    The problem with "family seminaries" is they're too often led by women, who make horrible "pastors."

  2. Men are to lead in the home, but a woman's role is to teach and train her children. She is the primary teacher of the children, because the father needs to work and provide.

    That being said, men need to make sure that their wives are properly led and properly equipped. Because yes, women are not meant to be pastors.