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Wednesday 19 October 2022

We Have No Right

Israel has every right to determine what their capital is. That is their right. A nation has that right to self determination. We Australians have no right to tell them otherwise. It is petty that we do try. 

Palestinians also have every right to dispute it. There are people among the Palestinians who trace themselves back to the ancient Jerusalem Church, yes, the one founded by the Apostles. Genetically there are people there that can be traced back to the most ancient inhabitats of the land (they are not just "Arabs", as is often asserted, Arabs themselves have different nationalities, just like we Europeans do).

You don't have a right to say Palestinians are not a people. I mean you can assert it, but your assertion is meaningless. Nationality is a self-asserted right. It is petty that we do try. Our connection, as Australians, to our land is far less ancient and yet you would not let anyone deny it? Would you? 

It is between Israel and Palestine to sort out this issue.

But also who cares. It's kind of ridiculous that a continual conflict in another country far away, where two competing ancient peoples can't agree, has such an impact on Australian politics. Nothing Australia does will actually effect the situation for good or for bad. Issues of Israel, Palestine or most foreign countries (if any) should not have any serious bearing on Aussie politics. 

We are not a global power. We should have no pretensions to be one. We certainly have no right to tell Israel what to do, or Palestinians how they should identify, or really any other nation how to conduct their internal affairs. 

In fact, if you pay enough attention to immigration and demographic trends in Australia, we have our own issues of this kind building just over the horizon. That is what should concern us.

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