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Sunday 16 October 2022

China Prepares For Conflict

Image: Unsplash 

The great Chinese buy up of Western assets is over. The West's reaction to Russia's moves to defend Russians in Ukraine, has alerted other global powers to how quickly the US and its allies will confiscate anything they can when the US feels it's will has been ignored. 

Rather than just preach about Western hypocrisy, though, China is insulating itself from exposure to increasing Western sanctions

"Hong Kong, June 18 (ANI): Chinese elites settled abroad are selling off their immovable assets after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) banned ownership to insulate the government from future economic sanctions from Western countries, especially the US.

This is seen as a fallout of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the subsequent Western sanctions on Russia. China, already facing a slew of sanctions impacting its government, various organisations and individuals, is taking steps to ensure that any Chinese action deemed controversial by the West does not invite sanctions that weaken the communist government, reported The HK Post.

The party is seeking compliance reports from its citizens abroad and many have sold off their shares in foreign companies and are in the process of divesting themselves of their real estate.

The sell-off clamour came about after the CCP’s Central Organisation Authority issued a notice a few weeks ago, reported The HK Post.

It specifically “prohibits spouses and children of ministerial-level officials from holding — directly or indirectly — any real estate abroad or shares in entities registered overseas”.

Australians have gotten used to saying: China owns Australia. But times are changing, and nationalist nations like China are recognising how having their wealth spread through the global system makes them more vulnerable to financial control. And they are taking steps to protect themselves from globalist pressure. 

A friend of mine asked an interesting question about this. He wondered if China had enough influence over Chinese expats to inspire them to sell assets in Western nations to deepen the economic recession that is already occurring? This would be an interesting move, and a real display of power. 

It would also be a slap in the face to Western countries that have become too dependent on foreign money. Sanctions can go both ways, especially if they are used creatively. 

The world is getting more interesting. Prepare for harder times ahead. 

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