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Thursday 27 October 2022

Increasing Homelessness

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One of the biggest idols of Australian politics is a growing economy from quarter to quarter, and year to year, with relentless consistency. Governments aim for and flag wave growth like it is the goal of government. The QLD government is currently bragging about having the second fastest growing economy in Australia, largely driven by refugees who fled the southern states during hard-core lockdowns and pandemic restrictions. 

Those bragging about the growth in QLD's economy are not factoring in how blocked the roads are, how expensive rent and house prices are, and more. They rarely factor quality of living into the equation. But population growth is a sure fire way for governments to create the illusion of economic growth (really the pie is just being shared by more people), and so they do all they can to achieve it, and by that I mean they bring in as many people as they possibly can. 

And the federal government is poised, again, to use the same strategy, but with foreign immigrants:

"The Albanese Government used the Jobs & Skills Summit as a trojan horse to lift temporary and permanent migration to record levels, which will necessarily add hundreds of thousands of extra people that will require housing.

Where will they live when there is already a chronic shortage of rental homes for the existing population? In tents? On the streets?

The only plausible outcome of the Albanese Government’s mass immigration drive is an even tighter rental market, soaring rents, and a rapid increase in homelessness. It is an inequality disaster in the making.

With friends like Albo, Australia’s renters sure don’t need enemies."

I have already encountered people struggling to get a home, to rent or buy. I know ministries helping the poor are struggling to find homes for people. Statistics are bearing out that this is a growing problem. Interstate buyers drove QLD house prices to abominable levels, out of reach of so many people. Rents are at family budget crippling levels across Australia. 

And politicians brag about growth numbers!

To maje natters worse, to keep the bottom line of economic numbers ticking up our federal government is willing to exacerbate all these social issues. 

Democracy stopped being about representing the people some time ago. Have you ever noticed that red and blue, the two major political party colours mixed together make purple? The colour of the ruling elites. The wealthy get richer, while everyone else splits an ever increasing expensive pie, with smaller slices for everyone else. 

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