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Wednesday 7 September 2022

Stop Treating Girls Like Boys

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If you are wondering why we have a plague of transgenderism wreaking havoc on our society, let me explain why this is so: it is because more than likely you have many transgender views and practices. You would not realize this, because you most likely call them egalitarian views. Or you might simply say you believe in equality. Maybe you just call them Aussie values or Western values. If you even give them a name. 

Most westerners have imbibed transgender views from a young age, because they have been raised in a culture that promotes the destruction of all gender boundaries. The average person, even the average scholar, does not realize this was the goal of feminist ideology from the beginning, to break all "detestable" gender distinctions, as Percy Bysshe Shelley said. They are not aware that the famous leading feminist in the 19th century, Sarah Bernhardt, deliberately changed her dress from feminine to masculine, and publicly showed herself doing masculine things, to highlight gender differences could and should be transgressed. They are not aware that similar behaviour was modelled by a lot of feminists, and copied by 19th century women who viewed these woman as role models. The goal of feminism was always and only ever about transgressing gender boundaries. 

First they sought to make women like men, casting them as warriors and providers. Then they undermined the reality of gender distinctions completely. We live in the fruit of their efforts; a society that cannot even define a woman, let alone define gender roles.

In such a society, all of the ground work has been done for transgenderism to grow rampant, and it has. It is the natural and logical extension of feminist goals: the destruction of "detestable" gender boundaries. We live in such a society. Aussies and westerners have been literally feminised and reforged into the image of the early Satanic feminists

This has occurred to such a degree, many conservative, Christian, parents treat their little girls just like boys and push them into sport, and even traditionally masculine sports. This is not just transgender - gender boundary transgressing - to its core, it also hurts them. 

As The Guardian explains:

"Are women more prone to injury?

Women are being encouraged to take up sport as never before. But new evidence suggests it can have a devastating effect on their bodies. Anna Kessel asks what's being done to prevent an unlikely 'epidemic'...

...But it is not male stars that sports doctors are now most worried about. It is sportswomen. They are currently considered to be up to eight times more likely to suffer anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) damage than men, and in the United States so many women and girls have been affected that one expert has called it an epidemic. The problem has been highlighted from the morning news bulletin on ABC to the front page of the New York Times as thousands of women and girls in competitive sport undergo ACL operations each year, at a cost of millions of dollars. The higher the level of competition, the more they are at risk. One in 10 women playing college sports will suffer an ACL injury.

Why the concern? Partly because we know so little about how men and women are susceptible to particular injuries, especially about the neuromuscular differences between the sexes. Research is still being carried out into rates of concussion, thought to be higher in women, joint injuries and even bone damage in endurance athletes leading to stress fractures of the femur, such as the one Paula Radcliffe suffered before the Beijing Olympics.

'There are certain areas where you would say women appear to be at a greater risk,' says OSM columnist Dr Nicholas Peirce, a lead physician at the English Institute of Sport. 'We don't know how increased activity is affecting hips, backs and shoulders. We see a large number of women having shoulder operations in canoeing and rugby, and there are other injuries, stress fractures of the back or stress lumbars on the lower spine. We are challenged to really follow and observe the demands of elite sport because at the moment there is a lot we don't know.'

The most evident problems just now are with the anterior cruciate ligament, because it is such a devastating injury. Ruled out of action for sometimes more than a year, athletes fall behind in their sporting careers, are 25 per cent more likely to suffer the same injury again and, worst of all, face debilitating permanent damage to their knees. Women in their twenties are being described as 'crippled', even after successful ACL surgery, as osteoarthritis of the knee takes hold."

This article is from back in a time (2008) when even leftist outfits understood the clear differences between men and women. Men are designed to run, hunt, fight and exert themselves. Woman are not, and it is not an accident that engaging in masculine endeavours hurts women in far, far higher numbers than men. That is their biology screaming at them to stop putting their bodies through that. 

You may say, but sport is brutal on men too. Yes it is, and a lot of men can't cut it. But it is incumbent on men to prove themselves in a way, physically and mentally, that it is not incumbent on women to do. Men have a responsibility to provide for their wives, sons and daughters, and therefore men have a responsibility to use their bodies up in this process. Proving yourself in sport, is part of learning the courage, tenacity, competitiveness and physical prowess, that is necessary to be a providing man in this life. There are other ways to, of course, but sport is one of the most common ways. But the key point is, this is not incumbent on women, because God designed them to be provided for. That is the key difference. 

Stop treating little girls like little boys, their bodies cannot take it. And the evidence in society says nor can their psyches. So many kids today are confused about gender, because from their grandparents down, even most of the Christians around them are confused about gender. Gender roles have been destroyed, utterly, just like the early feminists, inspired by Satan (yes literally), intended. You've been conned, but biology supersedes ideology and the damage being done to kids is screaming at society to stop with this nonsense. Stop treating girls like boys.  

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