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Monday 12 September 2022

Another Gospel

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Psalm 19:12 - "12 But who can discern their own errors? Forgive my hidden faults."

When David prayed to be forgiven for his hidden faults or sins, he must have been prophesying the days when the critical race theorists and intersectional feminists would come and reveal to him all of his sins of bias and perspective...

How lucky are we to now be ruled by a busybody elite who do not want to forgive us for our made up "hidden faults". But instead want to continually shove them in our face and bring their perspective on them to our minds constantly and continually bring us down with them...?

People once trembled at the thought that Christianity wanted to be the overlord of your life. But when Jesus said his yoke was light he was comparing it to the heavy load of the moral busybodies of his time. The moral load of the busybodies is far heavier than that of Jesus Christ. Always has been, always will be. 

The moral busybodies create an ever increasing load, based on a shifting foundation. It is designed by evil spiritual forces to break you and it successfully achieves this for many. This is as true of the modern moral busybodies as it was of the Pharisees. 

There is a world of pain ahead of many people, because the perspective of the modern cultural police is that you are worse than you think, and there is no redemption only judgement. What a horrible gospel the gospel of woke is.

But the good news is there is great freedom in rejecting it, and living the old school simple Christian life. Trust in Jesus Christ, turn from your sin, and when you sin come back before the cross and seek forgiveness. Also surround yourself with a fellowship of people who will challenge you, rebuke you and encourage you, as needed. And laugh at people when they create new sins to judge you with, because you know you are free from their nonsense. 

The way of Jesus is far better. Let the woke bury their own under the weight of their nonsense false gospel. We shall follow the Lord. 

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