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Thursday 8 September 2022

Diversity Is Your Society's Death

Image: Unsplash

I was reading the other day about how the Irish tribe, the Scotti, became people of Scotland. I have always found this sort of thing interesting. How the outer European peoples came to their respective lands. How they forged their kingdoms and settled the extreme outskirts of Europe. The mysterious times of ancient European History. 

Before the Scotti came to the land we now call Scotland, there already was a dominant people living in that land; the Picts. We remember them in name, and from various historical events and popular movies, but their national identity is gone. It has disappeared from the face of the earth. What happened to them? 

The migration of the Scotti. They were overcome and replaced. Migration is the major cause of cultural change in the archaeological record. Societies are much more likely to be overcome by migrants, than to naturally change

"What the Scottish case and others like it tells us is that migrations by relatively small dominant societies are much more common in human history than many archaeologists have been willing to admit (much less assume), particularly in North America. Typically, the signatures of it have been explained away too easily as evolutionary change in place. There are so many good examples of change associated with the migration of whole societies or dominant subsets of them, that any major change over time that can be observed archaeologically is likely to have involved migration in one of its many forms, however minor. We should be assuming population movement as a first principle rather than denying it."

Immigration is replacement throught out all of history. It is the dominant reason for cultural change and cultures disappearing. Peoples change naturally far less than the amount that they are artificially replaced. It's a numbers and time game, every single time. It's about how many people come in, and for how long. You allow the flow of migration, your people's national identity is going to face replacement. This is observed as a reality throughout history. 

There is nothing about modern society that says this trend cannot happen today. You allow migration, you are flirting with the loss of your people, identity and culture. Having nicer cars and indoor plumbing does not change this at all. Remember this the next time a politician suggests Immigration as the solution to anything. 

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