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Monday 26 September 2022

Climate Grift

Image: Unsplash

What will it take to convince you that the Climate Change movement is largely a gift? 

How about this?

"A United Nations committee has found the Australian government has failed to adequately protect Torres Strait islanders, and violated their right to enjoy their culture and lives, by failing to act on the climate crisis.

The landmark decision found they should be compensated...

...In what the committee described as a groundbreaking decision, it found the government had “violated their rights to enjoy their culture and be free from arbitrary interferences with their private life, family and home”...

...The islanders’ complaint claimed that changes in weather patterns linked to an increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations had direct harmful consequences on their livelihood, their culture and traditional way of life..."

Now people are suing first world governments because of the weather!! There is nothing the Morrison government (now not in power), or any Australian government, could have ever done, or could ever possibly do, to change the global climate. Even if you accepted every single assertion of the climate change movement as true (which you shouldn't), and if Australia took every element of its carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere that it produces, this would not move the needle on global temperatures at all. It's just not possible for our small nation to make a global difference. There is no scientific basis for saying that our country could ever be responsible. This is even if you accept anthropocentric climate change in the first place. Medieval Greenland was decimated by a cooling climate several centuries ago, should the Norse have sued the Mongols? This is ridiculous.  

So, we can see that climate propaganda is, at least in part, a ploy to shift wealth from successful nations to developing nations. But it is not just that

"This decision marks a significant development, as the committee has created a pathway for individuals to assert claims where national systems have failed to take appropriate measures to protect those most vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change on the enjoyment of their human rights," committee member Hélène Tigroudja said."

In other words, Climate action is also another shroud for the globalist push for the removal of national sovereignty and boundaries. It is a means of seeking to overrule national systems and replace them with international or globalist systems. There has to be a global crisis, because globalist elites need this to justify their encroachment on national boundaries. Blaming wealthy nations for the plight of marginal societies in developing countries helps drive this process forward.  

This tactic of empowering poorer peoples to sue wealthier peoples is very clever. Because often people will allow the promise of money to blind them to what is actually good for their peoples. The grift is clear, but naive aid giving do-gooders and militant climate radicals will ride this one as far as they can. 

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