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Thursday 20 April 2023

Wisdom of the Past Deliberately Hidden

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It is pretty important that modern discourse and education should emphasize that the founders of America were horrible, racist slave owners, and really, really bad guys. Otherwise, the American people and its allies, might read about how the American founders were non-interventionists. That is they were wise men who said America should not invade other countries or try to dominate other countries, because this causes all sorts of problems for the world and for the nation arrogantly doing this.

Did you know that many of the Americans founders were so wise on this issue?  

There are forces that don't want Americans, or us, to realize there was once a better way and that the nation of the United States was founded under those wiser principles and has rejected them for the same power politics of the classic conquering empires of the European past.

The American founders saw how power politics, political maneuvering, and the “great game” of political one-up-man-ship threw the European powers into continuous and destructive wars.

These forces don't want especially Americans to read these older guys and find out that many of the social issues they are facing are a result of ignoring the advice of interfering with other nations. When God blessed America, it was a non-interventionist America that he blessed. That blessing has clearly been long since removed, for the obvious reasons that you can't bless a nation that bombs other countries so indiscriminately.

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