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Saturday 22 April 2023

A Fool’s Errand


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Education standards are declining. Children know less and can do less. The public system is producing students with lower and lower education standards. So, the obvious solution is more public, or private, schooling from an even younger age. As the AAP reports,

“A royal commission into early childhood education has recommended universal preschool be extended to all South Australian three-year-olds, in a system requiring a big investment in extra funding and more staff.

Handing down her interim report on Monday, former prime minister Julia Gillard delivered 33 recommendations, urging SA to take the lead in early education through a program to begin in 2026 and be fully implemented by 2032.

Australian Education Union federal president Correna Haythorpe said Ms Gillard's findings had national significance.

"The expansion of universal preschool for all three-year-olds in the state will deliver benefits that flow across a lifetime for South Australian children and their families ... regardless of their financial conditions or socio-economic background," she said.

Ms Gillard called for three-year-olds to be provided with 15 hours of preschool for 40 weeks a year, similar to what is offered to four-year-olds.

That could be through government schools and also through private early learning centres and long daycare facilities, depending on the model adopted.

"I do believe that as a caring state, South Australians feel that we have a moral obligation to make sure every child has the best opportunity, to grow and learn and thrive," Ms Gillard said.”

They really do want your kids in their system. They want them as young as possible and as early as possible. If they can’t get them in the public schools, they will put their curriculum’s into the private schools. Either way, they want to get your kids into their mind warping education as soon as possible.

That is not to say everything kids learn at school is wrong, it isn’t, clearly. But the ever-increasing move of society to the left is not happening by accident. The socialists took over education a long time ago, and increasingly their agendas are becoming the normal view of young people. Most young people just hold, as a matter of course, progressive views on the climate, on green technology, gender issues, social issues, racial issues such as more minority representation[i] and more. With the hard movement of society to the left, it stands to reason that progressives would want to double down and work harder to get access to your kids minds even younger. If it’s not broken, do it more.

Every single parent I know, that is every Christian parent, believes their kid will be the exception who does not buy into the propaganda. But how many young Christian women do you know who come out of school seeking to be wives and mothers as soon as possible? Hardly any of them. How many young men come out of school seeking to be husbands and fathers as soon as possible? Hardly any of them. So, Christian parent, in more ways than one your child has been affected by the socialized propaganda which is seeking to turn children into working drones and economic contributors who delay marriage as long as possible, rather than the foundation of nuclear families producing the power house Christian families of tomorrow. The way statistics work is that very few of your children can be the exception, because that is not how exceptions works. Exceptions stand out from the norm, and most kids follow the norms.

I think it is a fool’s errand to try and beat a system which is designed to beat you. I really do. Call me overly critical, or a fundamentalist, or whatever else, but you are not as special as you think, nor are your children. None of us are. We all think we are, but at the end of the day the ever-increasing decline of Christianity is not going away, it is actually increasing. Each new census sees a drastic drop in people associating themselves with Christianity in our nation. This tells me that no matter how special we Christians think we are, we are, on average, being beaten by the schooling system, because it has been designed by people who know how to direct children in certain directions.

And the progressive educators know what the church once knew, the younger you start teaching the children the more likely they will stay in the way you have taught them.

But that isn’t the real fool’s errand in this piece, the real fool’s errand is seeking to speak into this, because the very same Christians who are losing their children in increasing numbers to a worldly philosophy, are determined to stick with a schooling system that is increasingly turning against them and their faith. It is just something that people cannot let go of, or don’t want to let go of. And anyone who tells them they should at least consider disentangling from that system, is in their eyes a crazy cook who chooses a strange way of life. A way of life that served Christian and before them Israelite families for millennia, but it’s different to modern Australia, so this makes it a little crazy to the majority.  

Have you ever stopped to think, maybe it isn’t? Maybe sending your kids, willingly, into a system that wants to teach them in every way possible how to live according to the world and not the Scriptures, maybe that is the way that needs rethinking? It’s something to ponder at least.  



[i] Last I check white men and women were a minority of the world’s population, but progressives don’t let a little fact like that slow down their propaganda.

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