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Monday 10 April 2023

Why Indeed?


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John C. Wright asks a pertinent question here.

“In the case of Feminism, the victim group was women, all women, and the oppressor group was men, all men. The fact that male babies need and want and love female mothers to raise them and the fact that male fathers need female wives to make more male babies never enters into this enrapturing vision of the eternal war between the sexes. The feminists are not as clear as the socialists about the need for a worldwide bloodbath, but they are even angrier about it.

Most women I know, who are, to be frank, Christians of a rather traditional strength of mind, do not buy into this feminist agitprop, but most of the men I know, who are Wiccans and Atheists, do. This indicates once again that a certain degree of deranged masochism is present, perhaps prompted by nebulous feelings of guilt and a need for propitiation by sacrifice, or just a weary desire not to shoulder the burdens of manhood.

Now, there are of course in reality real problems caused by specialization into sexes or organization of society into sexually differentiated roles. Anything in reality has a cost. The suffragettes of our grandmothers’ time, or, if you are younger than me, great-grandmothers’ time, had a real problem that was open to solution by legislative change, namely, to afford each member of the fairer sex the right to vote and to own property in her own name.

The feminists in our time have also reversed cause and effect, and blame on the existence of sexual roles problems which either are caused by the lack of such roles, or problems that do not exist at all.

By any measure, feminism has won an absolute triumph and swept the field of all opposition. The women have more freedom, if by that we mean the lack of legal or cultural restriction or restraint, than ever did any of their mothers for all of time.

So why are they in despair? Why are women killing themselves in record numbers, killing their babies in the womb in record numbers, getting divorced from their spouses in record numbers?[1]

Why indeed? Could it be that the promise of equality between the sexes was just the same sort of high minded lie that the promise of the serpent in the garden was that man and woman could both be as gods? It is in essence the same offer, is it not? Ye shall be your own authority, ye shall cast your vote as surely as anyone else. Only that path did not bring the joy that was promised. Women are getting unhappier and unhappier.


I think we know the answer.

You can deny reality all you want, but it doesnt ask your opinion. It consistently reminds you God created you are certain way for a reason. To deny it can never bring joy. It can only bring increasing unhappiness. 


[1] Wright, John C.. Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays on Science Fiction and Awful Truth (p. 355). Still Waters Books. Kindle Edition.

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