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Tuesday 25 April 2023

Not A Bad Idea


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University was once a solid investment that had a strong guarantee of leading to better outcomes in life. But this is no longer the case as degrees become more and more common, and less and less useful, and therefore cheapened. And what is worse more and more junk degrees are being offered all the time. But changes may be on the way:

“English universities face fines over dropout and employment rates

Universities will face sanctions if not enough students go on to graduate-level jobs within 15 months, if too many drop out or fail to earn degrees, England’s higher education regulator has warned.

The Office for Students published its new tests of “low quality” subjects that could see large fines or deregistration imposed on universities where fewer than 60% of graduates in a university’s subject area fail to find work, set up their own business or go on to further study after finishing their course, with allowances made for those with caring responsibilities or travelling.

Sanctions could also be applied by the OfS against universities in England where more than one in five full-time undergraduates drop out, or where more than one in four of those who complete the course ultimately fail to gain a degree.”

In fact this is a fantastic idea. Universities have for too long been able to sell products with few guarantees that in many cases are not worth the paper they are written on. Keeping universities accountable for the services they offer is a must. University in its proper place is an important institution in society. Any policy which reinstates this is a good idea.




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