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Tuesday 16 January 2024

This Meme Made Me Laugh


I can imagine a conversation like this happening somewhere in the 25th century between a history student and their teacher:

Student: So what brought down the Global American Empire eventually?

History teacher: Well, you are not going to believe this…

The grand power of the United States and the most powerful navy in the world is being shown to be the paper tiger that some have predicted for some time now because of the conflict that is now happening in the Red Sea with the Houthis of Yemen. One of the poorest and least powerful nations is breaking down the order that the United States has claimed it alone can bring.

When you think about it this is not that surprising. The US lost to an equally poor and relatively weak power in Afghanistan only very recently. In fact, if you look at its military record post World War 2 it does not look that flash.

No nation is meant to rule every other nation. And every nation that raises itself up in pride to think that they are now the nation destined to finally achieve this rule is eventually humbled. It is fitting that an empire that has long sought to interfere in the Middle East is being humiliated by such a tiny power in that region.

Of course this conflict is only just beginning. What does not make me laugh though is the effect that the growing disorder in the Middle East is going to have on the rest of us around the world. I suspect we are in for a bumpy 2024.

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