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Monday 15 January 2024

The New Iron Curtain


I wonder how many westerners realize what has happened to our society in the last few decades, especially since 9/11. How many Australians and Americans realize that we are living behind the new iron curtain and the situation is getting more and more tyrannical all the time?

Just in the last few days Gonzalo Lira died in a Ukrainian jail, having been tortured and eventually dying simply because of his political views.

For some years now the Australian citizen Julian Assange has been harassed and had his life stolen from him for releasing American military secrets that the United States did not want people to know.

And these are just two very high-profile examples of this growing tyranny. In Ukraine journalists were and are sidelined, in the United States if a journalist tells too much truth they are fired, like Tucker Carlson, and in Israel journalists and ordinary citizens are also being persecuted for speaking out against established narratives. Here is one example:

“An unlikely charge of intent to commit treason landed Meir Baruchin, a grey-haired, softly spoken history and civics teacher, in the solitary confinement wing of Jerusalem’s notorious “Russian Compound” prison in early November.

The evidence compiled by police who handcuffed him, then drove to his apartment and ransacked it as he watched, was a series of Facebook posts he’d made, mourning the civilians killed in Gaza, criticising the Israeli military, and warning against wars of revenge.”[i]

Something has really changed about the society that we live in today. Once the West was vocal across the world in its support for things like freedom of the speech and especially freedom of the press. Journalists were viewed as a necessary, if sometimes annoying, element of our western democracies. Citizens who spoke out against injustices across our society were lauded as heroes and defenders of the values of our society.

But now we see increasing numbers of journalists and people speaking out being punished across the West and in the nations of western allies. The West and its allies are becoming more and more like the Soviet society that we once said we stood against in all its evil. This probably goes a long way to explaining why so many news and media personalities are so timid when it comes to challenging the truth of things like the so-called covid vaccines (they were not and never were vaccines, at least most of them were not), corruption in government and the never-ending wars that our nations keep getting embroiled in. They may be corrupt, but they are not stupid, they know that if they challenge the wrong person in power, or reveal the wrong truth at the wrong time, their career will be destroyed and maybe much, much, worse.

I have seen some say that men like Gonzalo Lira should have just kept quiet, or fled Ukraine earlier, and moved to a safer country. But Assange was in Europe when he was arrested, he has spent most of his time in prison in Britain, a bastion of western culture, the land of the Magna Carta. Israel has sought to present itself as the emblem of democracy in the Middle East and one of the most open countries in the world. And yet look what is happening. Maybe we should see people like this as canaries in the coal mine, as a little look into the future of where the leaders of the West would like to take our societies…are taking our societies.

It has always been nonsense to say that West was built on an idea, that nations like American were built on an idea. This was never true, the West was built on the foundation of the Christian people who founded it, just as the United States was. But it is true that the West advocated for its ideals like they were the guiding rod for the whole world, but those days are long behind us and the mask of those who have come to dominate the West is being increasingly taken off, and it is becoming clear that our western nations are led by people who are tyrants at heart. Like Robespierre they proclaim liberty while they strip people of their freedoms. We are witnessing the formation of a new iron curtain. Pray that this one fails to lock all the West behind it. 

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