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Tuesday 5 March 2024

Subversion On Top of Subversion


I shared this on a couple of different forms of social media, and some people liked it and other people were taken aback, or offended. One person asked me why would I even start this discussion, commenting on beauty standards, or beauty competitions. So I thought I would put a few comments up here on the blog about why I waded into these murkey waters.

1. The meme is just funny, and a bit triggering for many people. 

2. It is pretty incredible to think that our culture has degraded so much that the witch in the story of Rapunzel is now the standard of beauty in one of the most prominent western countries, filled with genuinely beautiful women that look like fairy tale women comd to life. That is incredible.

But there are far more important reasons, this whole act speaks to inversion on top of subversion in our entire society. The inversion of what is good, beautiful and true, is evil, and at every level in our society these things are under attack. Beauty is not the sum total of a person’s value, and no one would argue that. But it is an important thing in and of itself which should not be lied about. There are some aspects of attraction that are subjective, but many aspects of beauty are objective and can be quantified and observed across humanity.

Also, the fact that a woman who is not even German can be miss Germany is another line of subversion. The twisting of national identity was one of the first axioms to be undermined to bring us to our current deplorable moral state in the West. There is a straight line from saying you can identify as another nationality through to a man identifying as a woman to enter into a swimming competition. These are the very same kind of lie, a denial and twisting of the truth. Saying an Iranian is a German is every bit as much a lie as saying a man is a woman. Yet it is a lie we have accepted in the West. Well, a lie most people have accepted. I think it is a ridiculous deceit and needs to called out wherever it is asserted.

I have no care whatsoever for her personal achievements. Some people want to focus on the fact that she is a professional woman, an immigrant that is successful in another land. That's all just put forward by the award givers as justifications to support the underlying deceptions. This is just another example of basic foundations of society being overturned in clownworld.

All such lies should be pointed out and challenged. If that makes people uncomfortable, fine, I don't mind doing that. If people disagree, that's fine. But there are so many levels of subversion here that I felt speaking to it was important. That some people who follow me are offended at that, is fine with me.


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