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Friday 8 March 2024

Learn From Russia


The fall of the U.S. Empire can be very good for Australia, for many reasons. For instance, look at how much Australia spends on welfare every year, it is a phenomenal amount. Many northern European countries do the same thing.

How can all of these countries afford to spend so much money on welfare, incredibly generous welfare programs? Well they really can't, because they use ever increasing debt to pay for a large chunk of it. But the reason they can siphon so much of the economy off to welfare programs is because Australia, and Europe, do not need to worry about their own defence.

Because the United States rules the seas, and patrols much of the world through something like 750 or more military bases, countries like ours can afford to be socialist, and spend far less than we should on things like defence and manufacturing because we can rely on the United States to fight our battles for us, and a few extra one on top of that. We also don’t need to work very hard to make sure our local manufacturing is strong, because we believe we can just get what we need, often built cheaper, from overseas. This system has worked for some time now.

Australians, therefore, are addicted to welfare, because our whole nation is on international welfare, being looked after by others, rather than by itself. This allows us to spend far more on things like domestic welfare than is wise, rack up lots of debt to pay out generous commitments, and it allows all sorts of other similar policies. How can the government expect people to stand on their own, when our own nation’s international policy is to make sure that it does not have to stand on its own? This culture feeds all the way down through society from the top.

As the United States declines more and more, the world will become less centrally policed, and nations will have to start looking after themselves again. Things like retiring 20 years before the average end of lifespan, maternity leave, the doll (jobseeker) and more will be luxuries we will not be able to afford. Of course, governments may try to keep them, but they will only be able to do that at the cost of leaving us exposed to a world that is far more dangerous to former British colonies that are no longer under protection from global powers, and other former European Colonial masters.

We British descended peoples like to see ourselves as the good guys. And we can make a case for many of the good things the British Empire has done in the world. But the truth is, we are not the final judge of our actions, God and the nations our ancestors invaded, conquered or were in conflict with, will be. And as the former nations colonized by Britain are rising, and the Anglo-Saxon nations are diminishing, we are moving into what may be a far more hostile or dangerous world for people descended from Britian, especially those far away from the centre of European power.

In this new world spending money on subsidizing people not having to work, or living larger than their work ethic should allow, will begin to fall by the wayside, and this will be good for us. It will be especially good if we prepare for it.

Australia needs to learn to stand on its own. As long as it is an imperial lapdog, it can't and won't. The decline of the U.S. and the rejection of globalism that will follow it, could be good for us, if we started planning for it now, as a nation. The reason that Russia's economy is booming is because a couple of decades ago they worked out that the American Empire was not going to play fair with them, and was only interested in strip mining their economy. They determined rather early that they should invest in making stuff at home, and build partnerships with other nations on more equal terms, so when more severe sanctions came they could not only survive, but grow far stronger. Talk about having leadership with foresight. If only we had such leadership in our country.

Australia should be looking to the future, not clinging to a previous age which is waning. We may have been able to hide under the shelter of larger Anglo-Saxon powers up until now, but it is time we put on our big boy pants as a nation and prepare for a much tougher world, where we will have to get used to doing things for ourselves.

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