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Friday 17 March 2023

The Jezebel Spirit


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Throughout history whenever a society has accepted women leadership (matriarchy), or worshipped a female Deity, this has been followed by the acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism. Without fail. It is a remarkable convergence, especially considering that this is observed in cultures that had nothing to do with each other and could not have influenced each other, because they were separated by centuries and continents.

I have been writing and preaching on this for years, in various contexts. And at times, it feels like hardly anyone else is speaking about these consistent issues.  

So it is pretty awesome to see someone like Mark Driscoll (yes I know of his past probably better than you if you just watched that podcast, no I'm not going to explain why, yes I think he did some bad stuff and lead his old church poorly, no I'm not going to discuss it, I'm just sharing this sermon) come to precisely the same conclusions, and clearly from different historical sources.

What people, including Mark, commonly call the Jezebel spirit is really the goddess Astarte, Ashtoreth, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Artemis, etc. In other words an active demon or demons that shows up in a consistent pattern throughout history, in every continent, in unconnected cultures, but always with the same tricks. Mark notices this too, but a key difference is that I call it the Asherah Spirit. If you read my works you'll see why.

Our society is under the sway of these same demonic influences today. Whenever culture accepts feminine leadership it invariably follows that homosexuality and transgenderism rise up. Hate me for saying, call me fundy Matt, I don't care. It's true, and I am excited to see other pastors, especially prominent ones, being led to the same conclusions. It is awesome. It is encouraging, because this evidence is there for anyone who wants to look for it.

If you are sceptical. I encourage you, read these two articles:

Satanic Feminism Part 3: Was Feminism A Christian Idea?

Satanic Feminism Part 4: The Transgender Origins of Feminism

Then listen to the Mark Driscoll’s sermon

Or vice versa. And note that Mark and I don't know each other, and he uses different history books than I did. But both of our collected sources teach the same truths.

Feminine leadership, especially in faith and the home, requires the emasculation of men and is only accepted when men are weak enough to not gently and wisely oppose it. It is a foundational assault on male headship and it always follows the same pattern.

Exciting days are ahead for those who stand against such evil. And challenging days. Our society has been captured by many lies, and they are lies that hurt people in profound ways. More pastors and more Christian men need to speak up about this evil, so that more people can be delivered from its clutches.


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